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Clemens Sonnleitner


Research Associate
Institute of Navigation


+49 711 685 84138
+49 711 685 82755

Breitscheidstr. 2
70174 Stuttgart
Room: 3.089


  • ADS-B
  • Multilateration


  1. Sonnleitner, C., & Hobiger, T. (2024). Resilient ADS-B based airspace surveillance by means of TDOA.
  2. Sonnleitner, C., & Hobiger, T. (2023). Airspace Surveillance with Unsynchronized low-cost ADS-B Receivers using Time Difference of Arrival Observations. ENC2023, Noordwijk, Netherlands.
  3. Mélen, G., Freiwang, P., Luhn, J., Vogl, T., Rau, M., Sonnleitner, C., Rosenfeld, W., & Weinfurter, H. (2017). Handheld Quantum Key Distribution. Quantum Information and Measurement (QIM) 2017, QT6A.57.
  4. Manzi, A., Simon, T., Sonnleitner, C., Döblinger, M., Wyrwich, R., Stern, O., Stolarczyk, J. K., & Feldmann, J. (2015). Light-Induced Cation Exchange for Copper Sulfide Based CO2 Reduction. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137(44), Article 44.
  • "Object-oriented Programming in C++"
  • "Measurement Technology II" (exercise)
  • "Inertial navigation" (exercise)
  • "Integrated navigation" (exercise)
  • 04/2019 - now: Research Associate, Institute of Navigation, University of Stuttgart
  • 08/2018: M.Sc. Physics, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich
    Master's Thesis: "Towards a Practical Integrated Quantum Key Distribution Sender"
  • 09/2016: B.Sc. Physics, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich
  • German (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • French (basic skills)
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